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 Restoring America in 2018, 2020, 2022
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Problem- Millions of qualified Christian citizens do not vote, or are not confident they would be voting biblically.

In a nation where civil power is derived from the consent of the governed (Declaration of Independence), it is a huge problem if the governed do not take part!  Especially if Christians do not vote.

Professor Bill Burtness presents a long-term easy-to-understand plan to restore what America has lost: its foundations of Biblical political thought.

      God’s plan? To use everyday people to change their nation.



1. Pray, daily. We must pray like never before – as though our family’s future depends upon it.  This we can each begin right now today! If we are going to be delivered, it is God Himself who must deliver us. We need His intervention. Our wits and personal power are not good enough, just like ancient Israel.  We know prayer changes things. God’s people must turn back to Him in repentance and faith.  In II Chron. 7:14, God tells us that if we do, He will forgive our sin, and He will even heal our land.

We know that our country’s woes are due to sin, our own and others’.  The answer is a restoration of strong Biblical character.  Pray for your own personal revival and relationship with Jesus. Pray for revival in the church. Pray for a new third Great Awakening in America. Get close to the Lord Jesus and ask Him for specifics.
Every day.

2. Study, continuously. Like Ezra, who studied the law of the Lord, practiced it, and taught His statutes in Israel (Ezra 7:10), so must we also put forth concerted effort to learn, practice and teach God’s ways for nations.
Study the Bible first of all.  Study the Biblical worldview of government. Learn the Biblical principles America was founded upon.  Apply them in your family, church and civil government. Teach them in your sphere of influence.

SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS by Bill Burtness is a beginning resource textbook, written in simple terms especially for Christian Americans to study and teach, to help renew a practical understanding of how America was designed to work. It teaches the Biblical basics about how to have a free nation. It is about America’s philosophy of government. It is about God’s answers to politics.


Paperback textbook ($16.99) is available HERE.

        “Excellent for high-school students and those who teach and work with them. Burtness explains well the biblical philosophy of government and its competitors. His diagrams showing the relationship between internal and external government are simple yet profound.”
Susan Olaski, Editor World Magazine

         Use the Self-Evident Truths paperback textbook as a reference text for you to study with your family and students. Learn and teach them the biblical worldview of government and foundations of American political thought. Underline it, highlight it, reason from it, study it and apply it. Give it to them as a reference for their future, when they will be asking the questions for themselves.  The time to begin is today!

3. Vote, always. And vote wisely.  Your intelligent, Biblical, studied vote is a crucial action step.
America at its founding was unique on the earth – the people could for the first time as a nation govern themselves under God in the area of civil government. We could choose those who govern us! Thus, the opportunity to “hire” the best in the land periodically to be our governing representatives.

      But we must want the best. That is a matter of our personal character.  And we must find the best, and get them into office.  That will take some effort.

We tend to get discouraged and think we are just “voting for the lesser of two evils.”  But we must always vote for the “lesser of two evils.” If we refrain from voting we are giving tacit consent to the greater of two evils.  That is wrong.  Actually, we are in fact “voting for the best available option in this particular election,” not for a minimum of evil. (Acts 1:21-26)

If the choice is really that bleak, however, we need to find better individuals to run for our representatives in the next election cycle. And perhaps even work towards running for office ourselves. Voting effectively, to strengthen American civil structure as it was founded – to serve and protect, not rule and control – is the most basic part of governing ourselves under God in the civil sphere. This is what America is all about.

4. Serve, as the Lord leads, however possible.  American Christians are accomplished at serving in their churches; now we must expand that service to our communities.  This is a long-term frame of mind in a free nation.
There are many local positions where we can begin to serve in the civil sphere, such as election judges and pole watchers, precinct committee and local political party leadership in both parties, school board or city council leadership, local, county, state, or national representatives, helping the campaigns of Godly candidates, and more.  As the Lord leads, each position is a place of learning and service to the Lord and the community.

       Our representatives must be the most Godly, Biblical, intelligent and capable servant leaders in the land. (Matt. 20:25-28)


        The basis of law and government comes from God and the Bible. Without that basis, we have only man’s greed, power hunger and opinion directing nations. So the charge for restoring America lies at the feet of Biblical people. Right and wrong do exist.  Biblical honesty is key.
But many of us refrain from voting!  But actually, since we believers have the Instruction Book, we must take the lead. Refraining from voting is in itself a vote.  But how do we cast an intelligent informed Biblical vote?

Paperback textbook ($16.99) available HERE.

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Excerpted from Self-Evident Truths, Chapter 15, Epilogue.

Self-Evident Truths