Just What Are These Self-evident Truths?

The American founding fathers penned to the world, and to the future generations of Americans, some truths they saw as self-evident. These concepts are the foundation stones of western civilization.

The American founders began their list of self-evident truths with the statement that all men are created equal. They were specifically referring to both king and commoner, but knew the principle applied to everyone.  Somehow that idea of equal intrinsic value of all individuals still needs to be pointed out, because we don’t have that thinking today.

We tend to think government officials are more valuable than average individuals.  In their day the king thought this AND the people thought this.  We tend to think bosses are more valuable than laborers, men than women, rich than poor, professors than students. And this thinking directs our lives.  It also tends to make us angry!

Also, it is still necessary to be reminded that man is created at all.  Many think man is a higher form of monkey. That influences how we live.

Also, the founders wrote that God gave certain rights to all mankind, such as the right to live. But many think others can decide that – especially for babies.  Or the aged.  Or the sick.

Also, that God gave a right to liberty was obvious to the founders. But some think they can burn people alive in cages. Though obvious to many, the right to liberty is not self-evident to everyone.

Also, they saw a right from God to property as self-evident (the pursuit of happiness was an expansion of the concept of property in their minds). But some think they know better how to allocate other people’s property (money), or even what other people should buy – how others should use their own property.

Also, the founders thought it self-evident that the proper job and purpose of civil government is to protect all society by securing these God-given rights of the individual. The challenge is to leave the individual free while keeping civil government confined to its proper boundaries, and purpose of protection.  But there are many today who think the purpose of civil government is to rule and control the people – for their own good, of course.

The founding fathers also wrote that if any civil government is destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. Many think, however, that civil government is permanent from ages past and cannot be changed – there is nothing we can do.

Who do you suppose would want us to think that way?

Elections are the peaceful way to alter or abolish civil government.

Since civil government is continually being destructive of these ends, we must continually alter or abolish it by voting. Therefore, all qualified Biblical people must vote.  And vote intelligently for Bible ideals.  And vote always in every election.  This is self-evident.

We must begin to prepare now for upcoming elections.

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