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This webinar teaches-
Biblical principles upon which America was founded. WHY these ideas work.
The Biblical worldview. What does the Bible say about government?
How to reason from that worldview to apply it to every area of life.
How to know God and make Him known.
How to study the Bible and develop a life-long excitement for God’s Word.
How to answer and engage today’s postmodern mentality.
How the American founding generation thought about God, man and government.
How the American civil structure works – making laws, enforcing laws and judging laws.

Making Sense of Government Webinar Details

Making Sense of Government Webinar

 End the frustration!

“I’m not even going to vote! It’s just the lesser of two evils,” a friend of mine lamented throwing up his hands.

He was pastor of a growing vibrant church but the ruckus about the upcoming national election was making him disengage completely from the whole arena of civil government in an attempt to avoid perceived impending strife in his congregation.

Evidently, this thinking has infected millions of biblical people to the point that they do not vote and are not confident they would be voting by the Bible’s standards.

Many of us think it would be God’s will not to vote rather than to vote for any evil at all, even though the lesser. Yet leaving the civil government to secular people hasn’t solved our problems either.

And our situation is getting worse and worse year by year.

How can we make it get better and better?

Education for Liberty Project Webinar Series

Education for Liberty Project presents a series of Webinars designed to provide answers to these questions and change America’s trajectory from impending tyranny to sustainable liberty.

The first “Biblical Government 101” Webinar is ready for release:

The Making Sense of Government Webinar is an interactive online seminar that will give basic understanding of the biblical worldview of government and the Scriptural basis of the American philosophy of civil government.

Making Sense of Government is designed to give you confidence in understanding the Bible foundations of civil government in America. It is presented in simple terms for every American.

Much of this understanding we have not been taught in our generation, and we are suffering the consequences of that lack. We do not want to pass this deficit down to our children and beyond.

Making Sense of Government will be taught by Prof. Bill Burtness, Visiting Professor of American Philosophy of Government at the University of Pristina, Political Science Faculty, Pristina, Kosovo since 2004. His course, Foundations of American Political Thought, on how to have a free nation, has had standing-room-only appeal in this post-communist new nation.

 Live Interactive Webinar
The Making Sense of Government Webinar will be 4 two-hour classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in July (7, 9, 14, 16), repeated in September (15, 17, 22, 24), 7:00 to 9:00 pm CDT. You can attend one or the other, or both if you like. Exact times for you will depend on your time zone. Each session will be live and interactive to include your questions and comments.

Why Vote For The Lesser Of Two Evils
Actually we must always vote and vote for the lesser of two evils for several reasons. Among them, if we do not vote at all we are giving tacit consent to the greater of two evils. That is wrong!

Secondly we will never really have any other choice because Jesus Christ is not running for public office. We have only humans to choose between. We must therefore figure out how to optimize our vote for the present situation.

As a result of our loss of confidence we tend to feel Christians should take care of the religious needs of people, but the job of running the nation belongs to others. It’s not our domain.

The fact is, however, the kingdom of God touches every area of life including civil government. If we don’t get busy immediately, our freedom and our children’s freedom will vanish before our eyes. We must change America’s direction now! There is still time.

We know that salvation lies not in Republicans or Democrats, or politicians at all.

Biblical Worldview of Government
The Making Sense of Government webinar will analyze the Biblical worldview of government and its application in America.

Now is not the time for discouragement.

As Biblical people take initiative to apply the Scriptures in our day, we will see transformation of America – for our children’s future, and their children’s future beyond.

Making Sense of Government is for leader and lay person alike. It is the first in a series of Webinars in simple terms on topics including Civil Government, Education, Parenting, the Role of Churches, Economics and more.

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Thank you for your replies to my inquiry- “What are your two main questions regarding American government and your involvement in it.” They are helping focus the Making Sense of Government seminar in important practical ways. If you have more questions for us to cover, enter them at this link: EducationforLibertyProject quick survey. Thank you!

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Bill Burtness