Politicians Will Not Save Us

In this 2015 political season we are bombarded by media on all sides with issues and problems happening in Washington, our state capitals, cities and the world. It can be quite disturbing as it piles on day after day.

All the outlandish occurrences can be frightening. Then we are urged to DO SOMETHING. Many times, to “do something” means to “speak out.”  I read a blog today that said exactly that – speak out.

Commentators seem to be thinking, “If we can scare people about our issue so they yell loud enough, then politicians will respond. We will get our way and everything will be fine.”

But Christians must remember that politicians will not save us, and strong-arming politicians will not save us either.

Why? Because politicians are not the problem! The thought that “If we get better politicians to depend upon we will be saved” is the problem. Our dependent mentality is the problem.

Contrary to popular impression, civil government is not everything.

Civil government is actually a small part of life with specific, proper purposes and functions that have to do with protection – not control, not provision, not nurture, not education, but yes, protection.
We need to vote quality people into office everywhere who understand this and will govern accordingly.

By the grace of God, WE are the solution. We must each govern ourselves – our families, our churches, our schools, our businesses, our communities and our nation – under God.

We have the Instruction Book in our hands, available to study and apply, day by day, bit by bit. You can get help to understand what the Bible says about government here at Education for Liberty Project.

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Self-Evident Truths


Are the “Self-Evident Truths” Really So Evident?


John Hancock


We hold these truths to be self-evident.”
American Declaration of Independence, 1776

I was recently attending a conference and found myself sitting next to a pastor at dinner. It turned out that he had bought my book “Self-Evident Truths” the evening before, and read the whole book through the night! He enjoyed it, but had a sincere question.

What is so self-evident about them?” he asked.

The short answer is that the Founding Fathers began their thinking with these truths, and were declaring that they understood them to be obvious. In our day, however, because we have been drifting away from God for a generation or more, they may not be as clear to us.

The fact is that the American civil government is always tending to infringe on the rights of individuals, as do all governments, and we must continually change the civil government by voting, in order to avoid these infringements.

Every time we vote we alter the civil government. By voting biblically we have the opportunity to install excellent leaders who will uphold and protect those rights given to us by God and articulated by our founding fathers.

The American founding fathers penned to the world and to future generations of Americans a series of concepts that became the foundation of western civilization. They called these concepts “self-evident truths.” “Truth” defined is an accurate description of reality and is valid in all times and all cultures for all people. They were distinguishing these concepts from opinion.

“Self-evident” essentially means “obvious to any honest person.”

Certain concepts of government were obvious to the founding fathers who viewed life from a biblical worldview where God is the top authority, not man. In other words, God is ultimately sovereign, not man.

Believing that truth exists and is knowable, the founders began their list of self-evident truths in the Declaration with the statement that “all men are created equal.” They believed that a Creator is responsible for creating and governing the earth and mankind. They were particularly referring to king and commoner being equal but recognized that this truth applies to all people.

This idea of the equal intrinsic value of all human beings comes from the Bible in that God created all individuals of equal and infinite value. It still needs to be pointed out, however, because in our day that concept has faded from view. Many seem to think government officials are more valuable than average citizens or that managers are more valuable than laborers. Some think men are more valuable than women, rich better than poor, professors more important than students, or movie stars more significant than housewives.

This thinking directs our lives. It comes from the secular idea that the individual’s value is not an intrinsic created value, but defined by external conditions such as contribution to the state, position in society, personal strength, money, gender or even good looks. In this way, the secular view actually assumes the natural inequality of all humans.

The founders then wrote that God gave certain rights to all mankind. The first is the right to life. Since God gave life to the individual, He also gave him the right to keep that life. But now many think others can decide that – especially for babies, the aged or the sick.

The necessity today is to be reminded that man is created at all. Many think human beings are only an evolved form of animal. That influences how we live.

It was obvious to the founders that God gave a right to liberty to mankind. This means the right to pursue any good goal unhindered by civil government. Though obvious to many, the right to liberty is not self-evident to everyone.

The “pursuit of happiness” in the Declaration is an expansion of the idea of a right to property – to own property but also to use it as one desires, sell it, keep it, improve it, etc. The founders saw a right to property as given to the individual by God. But some think they know better how to allocate other people’s property through heavy taxation or outright confiscation. This God-given right to property was seen as self-evident to the founders.

The American founders thought it self-evident that the institution of civil government was given by God. They saw that civil government’s proper purpose is protection, not control – to protect society by securing these rights to life, liberty and property. Civil government did not evolve to meet a need for controlling people and ruling their lives.

This idea of protection was the core of the American philosophy of civil government stated in the Declaration of Independence. It was agreed upon unanimously by all 55 representatives of the thirteen colonies.

This is where we average citizens come in! The founding fathers then wrote as self-evident, “If any civil government is destructive of these ends [protecting the God-given rights of the individual] it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to institute new government…”

Elections are the peaceful way to alter or abolish civil government.

In the founders’ day the necessity was to abolish the civil government that had become destructive of these ends. Today we only need watch over civil government, and alter it continuously by voting.

Every time we vote we alter the civil government. By voting biblically we have the opportunity to elect the best in the land who see their job as upholding and protecting these God-given rights.

Therefore all qualified biblical people must vote in every election, and vote intelligently for people who share their biblical ideals as closely as possible. The founders saw this as self-evident.

But what if there are no candidates that fit that description? We’ll talk about that later.

We must begin now preparing for upcoming elections!

Self-Evident Truths


American Civil Government – Are We Desperate yet?

banksy-dreams_00349040Are we desperate yet?

As biblical people we need to remember that politics will not save us.

As we enter a new presidential election cycle, we may be tempted to think, “If only a particular high-power politician who thinks as we do gets into office, then everything will be fine. We will have peace and prosperity.”

But Christians need to remember that politics will not save us. We ourselves are the solution, not a high-powered political individual.

The Bible is clear that the welfare of a nation depends on His people. II Chronicles 7:14 states, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from Heaven and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Christians need to strengthen their focus in prayer to the expansion of God’s kingdom on planet earth. Jesus said we should pray, “Thy kingdom come.” His kingdom is an internal kingdom that reigns in the hearts of individuals, in contrast to the external political structures of this world.

What does the interplay of these internal and external kingdoms imply as to how American government should work?

Looking at the current state of affairs in America – many are repeatedly dismayed by the decisions government makes. It seems as if elected representatives in both parties have no roadmap to guide their policies. Bad decisions made by political leaders impact us negatively, and will continue to have adverse effects on generations to come. This should bring about desperate Scriptural godly action on our part.

At the same time, we see confusion and a staunch complacency among biblical people, half of whom have not voted in recent elections or do not vote at all. They may lack confidence that they could vote according to their beliefs. They may think that whatever is happening is by definition “God’s will.”

Rather than seeing ourselves in a struggle to establish God’s kingdom, there are many who even think we are in the middle of some divine plan that will somehow glorify God when America crashes. Nothing could be further from the truth! God wants to expand His kingdom everywhere.

The result of inaction is that people without any roadmap are elected to all levels of public office by default, and have been for a generation or two. To use an understatement, this is a problem!

What is the solution?

There are three steps Christians can begin to take.

  1. All biblical Christians must vote in every election. To guide our votes, we need a consistent biblical worldview that comes from the study of the Scriptures. This establishes the correct internal roadmap in us, and helps us elect others who also have the proper roadmap for civil government.
  2. We can serve the Lord and the community in the public sphere by the grace of God, and turn things around in America. I believe it can take as little as six years, and I’ll explain that more in future posts. Each of us has a significant part to play personally; first in strengthening our own character and understanding of God’s ways for nations; and second in doing the specific tasks the Lord has planned for us as individuals.
  3. We must remember to have a “firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence,” which is what the Founding Fathers wrote into the Declaration of Independence and where they began their thinking. That is where we must also begin.

Christians need to look beyond their physical circumstances and stand in faith that God’s promises for protection, provision and love are true. When we take steps of faith, we will find that He is faithful!

We need to BE the solution in America.


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