Elections the Peaceful way to “Alter or Abolish” Civil Government

Why and how should American Christians vote in Primary Elections? Any elections?  (series)

Election Year 2016! Have you asked yourself lately about our representatives, “Why would they do that?!?…”

But actually, they are not the problem if half of us have refrained from voting.

Many Christians are generally dismayed by our civil government these days. It seems ineffective, corrupt, over-bearing, self-absorbed, and sapping the economic strength of the American people, perhaps even dangerous.

But we are not really disappointed in the “civil government” as such, but in our representatives, individual people who are occupying positions of leadership and making choices. How did they get there? We, the people elected them!

Bible-believing Christians across America need to RISE UP and vote their Biblical values!

WHY should Christians vote in America?

Back in 1776, the people of America thought it self-evident that civil government has a proper job and purpose. Their leaders wrote their philosophy of civil government in the Declaration of Independence from England. They stated the proper purpose of civil government is protection – to protect all society by securing the God-given rights of the individual to life, liberty and property.

This thinking was pervasive in the thirteen original colonies. The English king had aggressively overstepped his proper limits, on many fronts, and was now attacking the colonies militarily to force his control on them. These 55 leaders were the representatives of the people of the thirteen American colonies, and unanimously, they agreed to and signed the Declaration of Independence.

They were dealing with the historic dilemma of civil government.

The people must be left free while confining the civil government in chains of law.

They ultimately accomplished this through the Constitution. The genius of American government is limited government, not limited citizens.

The idea was that in America, this Rule of Law (a Constitution) would replace the Rule of Man (a king). This was new on the earth!

See The Third Alternative video summary. (10 min.)

As we have become secularized over the years, there are many who see civil government as ultimate authority, not God. They believe that civil government’s purpose is to rule and control the people, rather than to protect their freedom.

This thinking is counter to the foundations of America and creates a cultural clash.

The Founding Fathers wrote in their Declaration that if any civil government is destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.  We are not facing abolishing the civil government as they did, but alter it we must – by voting!

Elections are the peaceful way to “alter or abolish” civil government.

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