Bill Burtness, MSEE 1973, has been Visiting Professor of American Philosophy of Government at the University of Pristina, Political Science and Public Administration faculty, Pristina, Kosovo, since 2004. He has his Master‘s degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, USA. Prof. Burtness has taught at University of the Nations campuses internationally since 1980 and has been resource instructor at the University of the Nations School of Government and International Studies in Lausanne, Switzerland. He teaches extensively on the foundations of sustainable freedom worldwide.

Because of his international audience, Prof. Burtness strives to make the concepts and principles of a civil structure that actually protects the people’s liberty simple and practical. He says, “The reward of education is when the lights turn on! We try hard to make that happen in all our students’ minds and hearts – young and old, new as well as experienced, American and International.” His diagrams and charts endeavor to make a proper understanding of government – self and civil – exciting and practical for all students at any age.

Self-Evident Truths